Another Fish in the Sea

My name is Sarah, and I’m a recent college graduate with a bachelor of science in marine biology and writing from the University of New Hampshire.  Born and raised in Southern Maine, I’ve been eating Homarus americanus since I could walk.  I love all things ocean, from the seaweed to the salty water, from the phytoplankton to the whales that feed on them.  I find the icy cold, New England waters refreshing, and prefer them to the bath water of the tropics.  I have an endless list of hobbies: surfing, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, traveling and music to name a few.  If you want to know more about me, just ask.

16 Lb. Lobstah

16 Lb. Lobstah

My winters are spent traveling around the Caribbean where I dive, sail, swim, and explore.  And as it turns out there are Fishues just near everywhere that I go.  I enjoy sharing my discoveries pertaining to fish issues with others here, on this blog.

Now having graduated college, when not traveling, here on the seacoast I work at my latest business venture: to deliver the freshest fish available directly to the local people via a Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

New Hampshire Community Seafood is the name.

Check it out.


19 thoughts on “Another Fish in the Sea

  1. Hi Sarah,
    What a great way to spend a summer……except the early morning wakings!!! Great writing!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Nice looking site Sarah. It is a great way to keep up with you and learn about the fishing world. thanks for sharing. ……now have you ever heard of the daily phil?

  3. Hi Sarah, my name is Emily and I am a graduate student at UNH in the TIDES program. I found your blog through UNHTales (the blog my fellow cohort and I manage is also on there). I just wanted to say that I like your blog and I think we cover some similar topics in our blogs. I would be interested in meeting up to talk blogging and science communication when I get back from my internship (currently in Florida) if you would be interested. Feel free to check out our blog ( and send me an email at the one attached to this comment 🙂

  4. Whoa!!! That’s so weird. I literally just sent you a long overdue email responding to your last comment right before you posted this. That’s really crazy. I’d love to meet up. When are you going to be around?

  5. gooood job…..thanks for keeping me in touch with lots of old buddies…just sitting here in florida trying trying to find some good tasting fish…ain’t gonna happen….anything that swims around in 80 degree water just doesn’t taste right….dying for some Ipswich clams and some haddock off the boat!

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