Check here for definitions of unfamiliar words mentioned in various Fishue Artricles.  And don’t be afraid to suggest a word to add:

Biomass-  the total mass of organisms within a given area

Gillnet-  a net typically made of synthetic material left free floating in the water, usually attached to buoys at the top and weights at the bottom to keep it vertical

Ghost Net- a fishing net that has been cut free and lost within the ocean

Bottom Trawling- the dragging of a trawl behind a boat along or near the bottom of the ocean floor in the benthic zone

Midwater Trawl- the dragging of a trawl behind a boat above the ocean floor i

Benthic- the ecological region at the lowest region of a body of water including the sediments

Fecundity- the ability to produce offspring or new life

Continental Shelf- the extended perimeter of land around each continent.  This land eventually slopes downward, a section known as the continental slope, into the abyssal plain, a plain in the deep water at depths of approximately 3,000 to 6,000 meters.

Cull– a one clawed lobster, often undesirable by seafood markets


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