Fish Feed

EDUCATE yourself, friends and family.  On this page you’ll find information about local seacoast resources.  Events, sustainable fisheries, markets, literature.  Know what’s going on in your local waters.  Wondering where our local fisheries are at today?



“Cod: A Biography of a Fish that Changed the World,” Mark Kurlansky

“The Last Fish Tale,” by Mark Kurlansky

“Four Fish,” Paul Greenberg


NH Community Seafood, a Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

slim NHCS logo

NH Seafood: Fresh and Local

Fresh & Local

Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative, Seabrook, NH

Photo by Sara Forrest

Photo by Sara Forrest

F/V Rimrack Fish, Rye Harbor, NH

Portsmouth Lobster Company:  Featuring Fresh Lobster Raviolis

Seaport Fish Market, Rye, NH

Local Fish Finder App, Designed by Amanda Parks

ByCatch, Film by UNH student Brittany Debelis

Preview for Fish & Men, (Password is Cod)

Seacoast Eat Local: The Seacoasts guide to eating local.

Marine Stewardship Council:  Certified Sustainable Seafood


7 thoughts on “Fish Feed

  1. Hi Sarah…I have read the book, Cod. I thought it to be very informative about how important Cod has been throughout history. I love your blog. Continue the stories. Love, Jean (Nana).

  2. Sarah,
    Another great little book is John Hersey’s “Blues.” It’s definitely written more from the sport fisherman’s perspective, but is well-researched and detailed in describing the habitat and characteristics of this amazing fish…and its place in the underwater balance of things. Your interview-based articles are amazing, instructive and poignant. Great writing. You should compile a book at some point. I especially was touched by the quote from Tom Lyons when he said your questions were making him wonder if he’s lived a good life…

    “I’ve had a good life. I’ve worked hard, but it was good.”

    Madeleine and I both love this, Sarah. I really admire your dedication. Have a good dive today… Chip

    • I’ll have to check it out. “Blues.” Sounds good. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the posts. It’s so nice to know I have fans. I have been learning more from these people thanI have from most of my professors at school the past four years. They have all lived such interesting lives and are each their own unique fountain of knowledge. It just goes to show, everyone has a story to tell, if you just ask.

  3. One last thing, Sarah… You should also read a GREAT book by a legendary writer named Studds Terkel. His books are all collections of interviews with people across all walks of American life – focused on a given topic. The one you are resonating with in your blog is called “Working,” which features that same cross-section of people talking about what they do for work….and how they feel about it. He devoted his life as a writer to the premise that everyone has “their own unique fountain of knowledge” to draw from….”if you just ask.”

    Hope you don’t mind me holding forth like this on your blog. Next time, I’ll send an e-mail!!

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