FISHTIVAL: Saturday, September 22nd!

So this week was a big week for FISHUES.

For those of you who don’t know, I had the honor of having an article published in UNH Today with my picture featured on the homepage, a wonderful cap to my 4.5 years at the University of New Hampshire.  Thank you to all you Fishues fans out there, as well as those who have supported me along the way.  Knowing wonderful people like you are reading inspire me to keep the fishues coming.

I am forever grateful.

UNH Homepage

UNH Homepage

If you’re interested my article along with a slideshow, it can be found in the UNH Today here.

First light of day

First light of day

But most importantly,

what makes this such a big week for Fishues is the fact that the 4th Annual FISHTIVAL is this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 12-4 pm!  

“What’s Fishtival?” you may ask.

FISHTIVAL is a Fish and Lobster Festival held in Prescott Park overlooking Portsmouth Harbor on the Piscataqua River.

Fishtival: Essentially the best way to describe it is the fishermen’s version of Prom.  Therefore there will be many of the fishermen you have read about in Fishues (as well as others you have yet to read about).

Attending Fishtival, you will have the opportunity to step aboard some of the local fishing boats, taste fresh & local seafood prepared by numerous local restaurants, watch a cook-off between competing chefs, view demos on how to use various fishing gear, attend hands-on workshops on how to cook with a whole fish as well as how to fillet one, listen to live music, and learn all about your local fishing community from the experts themselves.

And bring the kids; there will be plenty of activities for them as well, including name that fish and touch tanks filled with the likely intertidal suspects.

Admission is free, so there’s really no good excuse not to come.

FISHTIVAL this Saturday Noon to 4 pm.  Be There!

And please stop by my Fishues table to say hello!  

Portsmouth Harbor

Portsmouth Harbor


4 thoughts on “FISHTIVAL: Saturday, September 22nd!

  1. We are very proud of all that you have accomplished this summer. All of our friends enjoyed reading and hearing about you.

    Forrest & Judy

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