With the Sun

First sign of dawn

First sign of dawn

I awoke at 3:00 am this morning for yet another fishing adventure.  This time dragging for whiting with Captain Neal Pike on his 42 foot boat, Sandi Lynn.  Though it may seem a horrible time to awaken, and boy do I struggle each morning my alarm goes off at some ungodly hour, I try my hardest to keep in mind the simple pleasures that come with each outing.  Whether it be a spectacular sunrise, a whale surfacing near our boat, the unique wisdom and humor of the people onboard, a seal stopping by to say hello, or the way the seagulls cut across the sun, there is always a subtle something to be appreciated.  And from my recent experiences, more often than not, fishermen know this best.

A pod of porpoises

A pod of porpoises off in the distance

I know many consider the life of a fishermen a hard way of life and a struggle at times, however, like anything there is beauty to be found in everything, even if you do not take the chance to notice it each and every day.  And the more fishermen I spend my days with, the more I have come to realize how much they truly love what they do, despite the challenges of the job.  They love to fish.  And more often than not there isn’t anything in the world they’d rather be doing.

Pulling in the trawl

Pulling in the trawl

I’d like to challenge all of you to cherish the simplistic beauty of the world that surrounds us, even if it is just the way a ray of light cuts across your office space.  Stop, breathe, and take the time to notice, before it is gone, for that’s the stuff life’s made of.  And next time your alarm clock goes off when you are least ready, think of the joys that lie ahead.



6 thoughts on “With the Sun

  1. Dearest Sarah…I subscribe to your viewpoint 100% and am blessed to have many of these little moments myself..here in New Hampshire or on my world travels…but I applaud you for the 3 am wake-up….it would take a lot of “special moments” to cheer me up at that time of the morning!! WSK

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying this what a wonderful opportunity to see how hard they really work. I think what surprises me the most is you are ab le to get up so early! Take care. Judy

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